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Ramping up the Blog Posting as a Priority #WWEOpen13


So, to set a good example, I’ll be ramping up the blog posting here, and sorting out how to aggregate other blog posts into the course shell for our Online Instruction for Open Educators course.

No easy feat. As with many great pedagogic ideas, there is a certain amount of legwork, often a significant amount of legwork involved in finding an effective solution that delivers on your concept. I simply want to pull in all participant blog posts to one common page we can all view and that is easily shared in the course shell (or that participants can bookmark).

Stephen Downes has a great solution that he has used in many courses called gRSShopper. I’m going to check in with him on how that works, however, I really need the gRSShopper for dummies course, because when it comes to technology walk-throughs, it’s sometimes a slog-through for me. So many things to learn, so little time. Meantime, I’m going to test out some true dummy solutions to see how easy and effective they are.






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