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Radical Openness #edcmooc


I Tweeted, and was not satisfied with the space for rant. I read an article today from the Globe and Mail by Don Tapscott talking about MOOCs and the World Economic Forum. Don was admiring the talk of open education by the heavy hitters in the entrepreneurial ventures surrounding this “Open” education movement and I was with him (for the most part). Coursera, EdX, Udacity, the usual suspects. The article mentioned Don’s new TED book Radical Openness. Being a curious sort, I navigated about and found the link to the book, and genuinely, actually wanted to read what he wanted to share, but low and behold there’s a $2.99 fee to buy the book from the iBooktstore, or a couple of other vendors if you like. And there’s a bonus deal, if one wishes to subscribe to TED Books, they’re on for $4.99 a month. REALLY? Seriously? Does anyone who believes that charging money for a book called Radical Openness makes any sense at all? Come on! It’s not the money, make no mistake, I am really blessed to have a livelihood and a roof over my head, so not only have the technology to read it, but the money to afford it, but it absolutely falls down to the principle. And openness in global education has got to be first, foremost, last and always about personal principles and values. Absolute total fail by someone who seems to be trying really hard to embrace change. I’m only guessing here Don (Anthony Williams, co-author, you are no less culpable), but if the powers that be at TED ask you to tow the line on an action as jackass stupid as this, you need to flat out refuse. Many, many people who are paying attention to what it really means to stand for open global education will not now, not ever, respect someone who would consider for a moment charging money on a title like that. Hope you hear this, hope you set the record straight, and what I mean is, I hope you make it right, publicly and rapidly.


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