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#oped12 #cfhe12 Google Scholar search, amazing results!


Module 5 Scholarship II

Following on Dr. Siemens’ activity for this week in Openness in Education, I did a Google and Google Scholar search on all 9 FT faculty at the Centre for Distance Education at Athabasca. Some interesting things arose.

I searched my own name just for kicks and realize I’m not doing my due diligence in either open publishing or Google profiling. Will try harder! I got 2 accurate hits in Google Scholar, 2 non-starters.

In all cases, within Google Scholar, clicking on an article of interest leads to one of two things, a barrier to reading it (such as its inclusion in a secure journal, or it’s availability as a purchasable product) or the opportunity to begin reading because it has been posted for everyone’s (that is every privileged one with access to the Internet’s) benefit. I prefer the latter. Barriers are frustrating.

As a graduate student, I have access to a rich library at Athabasca that includes many of the articles listed in Google Scholar, so these barriers are not significant for me. However, I still prefer, from a values perspective to read and link and explore artifacts that are open. It pleases me that others who don’t have my student access can see them and benefit from them. I will endeavour in all that I do to publish openly.

What really, really stood out for me in this mini-exercise was the exceptional disparity between males and females in a Google Scholar context for this group, FT Faculty at CDE. There are six men and three women in the list, already a disparity. The number of artifacts was 6,991 for men, 129 for women. Even if one were to sift through and determine which artifacts are truly attributable to their authors, and truly open access, there would still be an exceptional and terrible difference in output and availability. The question is, what are women scholars going to take away from this unintended discovery?

Can’t write more, have to get busy 🙂


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