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Why MOOCs will not save universities #oped12


Article sent to my by a colleague today http://tinyurl.com/8qcfo3t

Dr Stefan Popenici describes several issues in current higher education thinking and links to several good articles on a wide variety of topics. His main point, that MOOCs are not in any way saviours for universities under pressure to appear innovative and open, points to an important point that “fear of missing out” should not be a driving factor in strategy or policy. I also very much enjoyed the point to the article on the “MOOCs and the McDonaldization of Higher Education”http://tinyurl.com/97ol6uk The article is possibly too wide, but for me, the key segment was here, about connected vision and real strategy formation…

“Moreover, the great online shift is leaving behind the model of a University where experts that are teaching classes organize access to universal knowledge. Knowledge will be even more easily available for students and few remaining dynamic universities will focus on research and advancement of knowledge. These will actively seek to create alliances and networks of collaboration for research and production of knowledge rather than teaching and mass production. This will be a platform for dialogue and innovation, in socially and regionally engaged and globally embedded forms of collaboration and generation of knowledge.”


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